Where Is Online Gambling Legal?

The United States has long had restrictions on gambling; however, in recent years the nation has increasingly accepted regulated gaming due to changing attitudes among lawmakers at both state and federal levels. elected officials are becoming increasingly open to various forms of online gambling, such as regulated casinos and real money games. Unfortunately, however, the legal landscape surrounding the industry can be complex. Many different statutes regulate or outright prohibit this activity, while the internet provides a means to bypass current laws. Web-based gaming has created an environment in which operators are easily able to establish operations in friendly offshore jurisdictions and accept wagers from customers throughout the U.S. This poses a substantial challenge to current U.S. laws and is driving changes at state-level gaming legislation levels.

Though challenges exist in regard to legality of online gambling in the US remain, its overall legality remains fluid. Many state gaming laws have been amended or reinterpreted in light of evolving times and the growing popularity of esports, social gambling, fantasy sports and skill-based games; federal legislation remains more difficult. The Federal Wire Act from 1961 remains one of the primary obstacles to broader online gambling regulation despite a 2011 Justice Department memo which reinterpreted this law and opened up most types of online gambling including sports betting.

Each state in the US determines which forms of gambling it allows within its borders and sets minimum ages for those who wish to gamble. Some states, such as Utah and Hawaii have outright banned online gambling while other states, such as New York only permit casino gaming if one is 21 or over. Other states, like California and Texas have only recently expanded their online gambling offerings while still other states remain without legal gambling of any sort at all.

Nevada, Michigan and New Jersey provide the greatest options for sports gambling; Delaware allows online poker; Pennsylvania and West Virginia will soon follow suit; lottery tickets may also be purchased online in some states. Unfortunately, attempts at passing uniform federal legislation on online gambling have failed – instead the country continues moving forward state by state with new legalities appearing regularly; leading most Americans to enjoy various forms of online gambling.

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