Where Is Online Gambling Legal?

If you’re interested in placing real-money bets online casino games, sports betting, or any other forms of online gambling for real money, there are numerous legal venues where this activity can occur. While federal laws prohibit interstate gambling activities from happening legally in some places, state and local lawmakers are increasingly accepting of legalizing this form of entertainment.

Though New York does not yet allow regulated iGaming, recent efforts to bring it online are underway. A bill introduced in February of 2023 would establish a framework for this to occur, with hopes to start accepting wagers as early as March of 2024.

Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are three states offering online poker and casino gaming to residents. Texas may not hold its own iGaming license but may enter interstate compacts to pool players and establish shared liquidity pools.

California stands as one of the most populous and progressive states in America, yet remains strongly opposed to online gambling legalization. Still, tribal casinos exist throughout California for citizens to enjoy; there was even an attempt at passing legislation that would enable sports bettors to place wagers beginning in 2022 – but this attempt ultimately failed after voter rejection. Yet legislation moves are likely to continue apace.

Utah takes an uncompromising anti-gambling stance, prohibiting its residents from placing any bet online or via mobile platforms such as text message. However, they can wager at land-based casinos and are part of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) compact to form a shared liquidity pool with other states who have licensed operators.

Hawaii stands out as being among the most restrictive states regarding gambling, as any form of online betting or social casino gaming are illegal there. Even lottery-style games are prohibited from operation within its borders.

North Carolina has joined the ranks of states offering legal sports betting, with online casino gaming set to debut shortly as well. As with other Northeastern states, North Carolina has taken the conservative approach by restricting its online gaming offerings by permitting sports betting at only select land casinos. Rhode Island will likely assess how its sports betting market fares before proceeding with any plans to broaden its iGaming scope. Rhode Island recently legalized iGaming, with residents now being able to access several regulated online casino sites and several regulated sportsbooks allowing their residents to bet. It should be noted that Rhode Island will only allow sports betting at its two existing casinos; their iGaming market will officially launch on March 1, 2024.

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