What Does Internet Payment Mean on Discover?

Discover does not provide any representations or warranties as to the authenticity, validity, or accuracy of information it collects from you or your Profile. Please see its Privacy policy for more details.

You and discover agree that any disputes between themselves relating to these Terms (or relationships formed under these Terms) or its relationships will be settled through binding arbitration. As stated here, each waives their respective right to pursue litigation as an avenue to settle such matters.

Credit card
Discover is a credit card network that processes and verifies transactions among merchants, consumers, banks and financial institutions. As one of the four largest networks in the country, Discover provides users with various cards from which to select.

Discover may, at its sole discretion and without prior notification to you, terminate or suspend or discontinue Discover(r) Click to pay and your access to your Profile at any time for any reason or no reason at all. Your use and access must comply with these Terms as well as all applicable laws, regulations or legal requirements.

Discover and you agree that any dispute or claim related to these Terms, the relationships resulting from them (other than challenges to its validity or enforceability), will be decided through binding arbitration. Both of us waive our rights to jury trial proceedings. Should a provision of these Terms become unenforceable it will automatically be revised so as to be compliant with legal standards while reflecting both parties’ original intentions as closely as possible.

Checking account
Discover checking accounts offer customers the freedom of making as many purchases and day-to-day transactions without being restricted by monthly withdrawal limits, unlike savings accounts that often contain restrictions that limit withdrawals. This makes Discover an excellent alternative for consumers seeking more control.

Your responsibility in any disputes between merchants or third-parties regarding transactions completed using Discover Click to pay and yourself lies solely with them, with Discover being no party to such disputes and having no liability or responsibility in terms of refunds, reversals or settlements related to these transactions.

Discover reserves the right to modify these Terms at its sole discretion at any time and any such modifications will take effect when published to this Site.

These Terms (and any amendments to them) constitute the entirety of your agreement with Discover regarding your use of this Service. Unless expressly mentioned herein, neither party grants you any other rights or licenses regarding it.

Savings account
Discover offers an assortment of banking products, such as online savings accounts, cashback debit cards and IRA savings plans. Additionally, the company has rewards checking accounts, money market accounts and certificates of deposit for customers.

Discover Bank stands apart from traditional brick-and-mortar banks by having no physical branches; its absence saves on overhead expenses, providing its customers with competitive rates and fees at reduced costs as well as 24/7 online and telephone support services.

Discover reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time and without prior notification, and you agree to be bound by any such modifications. It is wise to periodically review these Terms so you remain up-to-date. The most up-to-date version can be found by visiting Discover’s website, while their Privacy policy may also be updated periodically – by using Discover Click to pay you agree to its terms.

Discover makes every effort to credit payments submitted online, by phone or mail before midnight Eastern time six days per week; however, some payments may be processed over weekends or bank holidays and treated as being made on their respective next business days.

As between you and discover, all rights, titles and interests in Discover Click to pay belong solely to them (excluding any content you create). Any use or modification of Discover’s Trademarks without their prior written approval from Discover or their licensors are prohibited.

Discover may make changes to these Terms from time to time and will notify you. If you do not agree to these updates, your access or usage of Discover Click to pay will cease immediately, ending your relationship with Discover without incurring any financial liabilities for such termination.

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