When Is The Ohio Lottery Game Diamond Dollars Over With?

Ohio Lottery Game Diamond Dollars A total of 10 lucky players have claimed prizes from the recent release of $2 Diamond Dollars scratch-off games. Janet Lindsey from Canton won a top prize of $100,000 on June 20 from Giant Eagle on Raff Road; after taxes, she will take home $72,000 after paying taxes. On June […]

New York Lottery – What’s Today’s Lottery Game?

New York Lottery draws are streamed live online. Watch Win 4 and Take 5 drawings daily between 2:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. as well as the LOTTO draws every Wednesday and Saturday night at 8:15 pm ET. The New York lottery is one of North America’s most successful lotteries, generating billions in revenue for educational […]

What’s the Best Lottery Game in Michigan to Play?

Michigan Lottery is one of the top US state lotteries, having raised more than $20 billion over time. Proceeds go to support public schools in Michigan through its School Aid Fund and prize winners can remain anonymous to reduce criminal threats or exposure of their identities. Players must be 18 or over to participate and […]

Which Pennsylvania Lottery Online Game Has the Best Chances of Winning?

There is a wide selection of lottery games to choose from, each offering different methods and odds. But which lottery game offers the highest chances of success? That ultimately depends on you personally; here are a few considerations. Firstly, in Pennsylvania those 18 years or over may play online lottery games; those under 18 will […]

What Pennsylvania Lottery Game Requires 6 Numbers?

Six-number games are the most widely played form of lottery in the US, costing an average of $1 per play and drawn twice weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays. They’re also popular across Canada – Lotto 6/49 being one national lotterie; in Pennsylvania alone they include Match 6 Lotto, Lucky 7 and Powerball among many others. […]

What Ohio Lottery Game Plays Tonight?

The Ohio Lottery offers an assortment of games for its customers to enjoy, such as instant scratch-off tickets, online games, Pick 3 and 5 drawing games and Keno. Since 1973 when its creation through voter-approved constitutional amendment, over $19 billion has been raised for education through Lottery profits; contributing 7-8% to state education budget while […]

What NC Education Lottery Game is Most Likely to Payout?

The NC Education Lottery annually raises billions for public schools throughout North Carolina based on enrollment and any leftover funds are given back to county general governments for school construction projects. With its entertaining games that give chances to win prizes while supporting good causes, ticket sales go towards funding education across the state while […]

What Michigan Online Lottery Game Has the Best Odds of Winning the Jackpot?

Michigan residents and visitors to the state can purchase lottery tickets both in-person and online. Players have access to both national and exclusive local lotteries, scratchers and instant ticket games – some even available via mobile devices – as well as lottery-themed scratchers and instant ticket games. While these games may be enjoyable, it’s essential […]

Michigan Lottery Game Pays Weekly Big Prizes

Every lottery player’s dream is to hit the big prize, and Michigan Lottery experts believe your chances are greater when playing instant Ticket games rather than multi-state ones. According to Jeff Holyfield of the Michigan Lottery spokesman team, check their Instant Tickets page on their website and learn which games are available nearby. Michigan offers […]