Is Online Gambling Legal in Michigan?

An effective gambling industry relies on strict regulations to keep players safe and fair. Such regulations help govern how games are structured and who can play them, as well as any potential social impacts of the industry. In Michigan, this regulatory oversight is handled by the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB), an independent state agency […]

Does Mexico Have Universal Health Care?

Mexico has taken significant steps to advance universal health coverage, among them creating Seguro Popular program which reduced out-of-pocket costs, medical bankruptcies, improved vaccine coverage and treatment for many diseases and significantly lowered infant mortality and maternal deaths. Unfortunately however, Seguro Popular had difficulty adapting to changes in healthcare needs and technology and faced political […]

Are Crypto Currencies Dead?

Though many digital assets have seen their prices decline significantly over the last year, cryptocurrency remains resilient. Due to factors like ongoing development and innovation as well as institutional adoption of crypto assets, investors are optimistic about its long-term viability. But for some investors, the recent market drop has raised questions about whether crypto currencies […]

Do You Pay Tax on Crypto Currency?

Cryptocurrency has quickly become an accessible form of payment and investment for many. Because of these uses, it is vitally important that we understand how the IRS treats cryptocurrency taxes – this article will address whether you should pay tax on crypto currency transactions as well as how best to report your transactions. As with […]

Can Poker Machines Be Rigged?

Gambling can often be seen as a game of chance and unpredictability, which adds an element of excitement for many players. Yet players can still make informed choices when betting their money – for video poker this means understanding its mathematical formulae and selecting an appropriate game for their bankroll. Some players mistakenly believe that […]

How Many Jobs Are Available in Health Care?

Due to an aging population and rising medical needs, healthcare services have increased dramatically over time. Employing thousands of doctors, nurses, therapists and assistants as well as making significant profits–it accounts for one sixth of GDP! — the industry has flourished considerably. No matter if you are seeking to change careers or simply gain more […]

Does Drinking Tea Cause Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones form when high amounts of minerals collect in your urinary tract and clump together, leading to painful and uncomfortable symptoms such as discomfort during urination, cloudy or smelly urine, strain when urinating and the need to strain when doing so. Many individuals assume certain foods and drinks could contribute to kidney stone formation […]

Is Online Gambling Legal in New york?

New york has long had an affinity for gambling, and remains one of the nation’s most diverse gambling markets. From land-based casinos and sports betting (launched in 2022) to legal DFS games – New york remains an incredible source of gambling revenue. New york state laws do not currently permit online casinos. Although New york […]