Does Canada Have Free Health Care?

Canada is often mentioned when discussing how the United States should fix its health care system, with much to admire and avoid in its system. While there may be aspects Americans could take from Canada’s system, not every Canadian benefits from free health care – although many do. Some choose private plans instead for most […]

Why Are Fashion Shows Filled With Unwearable Garments?

Fashion shows have long been used by designers as an opportunity to display avant-garde and artistic designs that do not suit everyday wear. While this practice has provided numerous benefits to the industry – including encouraging mainstream styles and pushing design boundaries further – it has also generated controversy and criticism, especially regarding unrealistic beauty […]

Why Are Crypto Currencies Needed to Be Authenticated?

Cryptocurrency’s popularity continues to rise, drawing more hackers looking for vulnerabilities to exploit in its security framework. Criminals are using crypto as payment for ransomware attacks or buying drugs on darknet marketplaces – this increased activity requires cryptocurrency exchanges to have robust identity verification tools in place in order to detect fraudulent actors and keep […]

Do Crypto Currencies Have an Opening and Closing Time?

Cryptocurrency trading is an ongoing activity with no official opening or closing session like traditional stock and commodities markets. This allows investors to make purchases at their leisure while still staying abreast of market conditions 24/7 to properly manage risk. Crypto market hours depend heavily on global trading patterns and time zones, news events that […]

Why Do Crypto Currencies Change on the Weekends?

Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile, and their prices can experience dramatic shifts over the weekend due to several factors. A decrease in trading volume may amplify price changes while news or events occurring over the weekend could affect their market as well. This article will highlight why cryptocurrency exchange rates change on weekends as well as […]

How Are Crypto Currencies Taxed?

Cryptocurrencies have quickly gained in popularity, yet their complex tax rules can make them hard to understand. Now that the IRS is increasing enforcement measures against them, traders and holders of cryptocurrency must be mindful of their tax obligations. Essentially, the IRS treats cryptocurrency like property and taxes them the same way it taxes stocks […]

How Are Crypto Currencies Protected in Robinhood?

Robinhood is a brokerage firm offering commission-free trades of stocks, ETFs and options, mobile apps and online tools that help investors make informed investment decisions, cryptocurrency trading platform Robinhood Crypto LLC which you can purchase and sell cryptocurrencies via. All operations at Robinhood comply with all applicable money transmission laws within the US. The company […]

How to Hack Internet Payment

With the rising trend of electronic payments (in which more cash transactions are now processed through credit card swipes at restaurants and retail stores), hackers are seeking new avenues to obtain your data. In particular, they target Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems connected to the internet that accept credit card payments through apps on smartphones – the […]