What States Allow Online Gambling?

Online gambling in the US is legal in most states, although certain regulations may impose more stringent requirements than others. State lawmakers typically have wide authority when it comes to gaming regulations governing real-money games and setting minimum ages for players. State laws have opened the way for more forms of online gambling like regulated […]

How Are Video Poker Machines Random?

Video poker machines use a random number generator to determine the outcome of each hand and provide replacement cards when the player decides not to keep certain cards – similar to how regular slot machines function. Many people mistakenly believe that video poker machines have winning or losing streaks; this is simply not true. Instead, […]

Are Video Poker Machines Legal in North Carolina?

Since 2002, the General Assembly has made efforts to eliminate video gambling machines found within sweepstakes parlors – which attract customers while raising funds used for illegal operations. House Commerce Committee held a hearing for a bill that would allow video gaming terminals in locations licensed for alcohol consumption and overseen by the state lottery […]

Are Poker Machines Legal in South Carolina?

South Carolina remains one of the few states that still prohibit casino-style gambling; the only forms legal gambling are state lottery and charitable games such as bingo. State officials attempted to regulate video poker by restricting daily winnings. Machine operators found ways around this restriction by hiding multiple machines within buildings and behind walls. Legality […]

How to Beat Video Poker Machines

Video poker is an engaging casino game with plenty of strategic potential, yet learning its basics takes time and practice to master. But once your strategy has taken form, success awaits you in this fascinating endeavor! Management of your bankroll is of utmost importance, and selecting machines offering full pay is vital. Low-pay machines drain […]

What’s the Best Lotto Game to Play?

Winning the lottery may require luck, but knowing how to play better can increase your odds. Simply put, purchasing more tickets increases your odds of success – though that doesn’t guarantee every draw, so select numbers wisely if unsure which ones to pick. Check past results to determine which numbers have been out for longer; […]