How Much Would Universal Health Care Cost?

The United States spends more on healthcare than any other nation worldwide, yet nearly 40 million Americans do not have health insurance of any sort. Although Affordable Care Act coverage has helped millions gain coverage, millions still go bankrupt due to medical expenses and lack of long-term care plans. Democrats are pushing for universal health […]

Does Medicare Cover Home Health Care For Dementia?

Medicare, the Federal Program that Provides Healthcare Insurance for Older Adults, covers many services for long-term memory care services. Coverage varies by state; however there may be programs available to people with limited incomes to help pay for this care. This article looks into whether Medicare covers home health care for dementia services as well […]

Does Private Insurance Cover Home Health Care?

Home health care provides medical assistance directly into people’s own homes, with assistance provided by licensed healthcare professionals who specialize in services like wound care, physical therapy and medication management. Home healthcare can be particularly useful for seniors recovering from surgeries or chronic conditions and their caregivers needing help paying for in-home healthcare for a […]

Does Medicare Cover Home Health Care For Elderly?

Home health care provides crucial support services for seniors and individuals with disabilities, with Medicare covering this form of assistance depending on plan type. Understanding eligibility requirements, coverage limitations, and alternative options can assist seniors and caregivers make informed choices regarding home health care options. Does Medicare Cover Home Health Care for Elders Unfortunately, Original […]

Is Health Care Insurance Tax Deductible?

If you are paying for health care insurance, you may be wondering whether it’s tax deductible. Unfortunately, the answer depends on how you obtain coverage, whether or not you are self-employed and whether or not you opt to itemize deductions. There may also be other strategies available to you for lowering health care costs that […]

What Do Health Care Jobs Pay?

Health care professions with some of the highest salaries also often come with stringent educational requirements, such as Family Physician or Orthopaedic Surgeon, require at least eight years of college followed by medical residency training – earning six-figure salaries but often incurring student loan debt loads of over $300,000. Luckily, there are also plenty of […]

How Long Will Medicare Pay For Home Health Care?

Home health care helps individuals recover from illness or injury quickly in the comfort of their own homes, making Medicare coverage of this care more likely. Medicare typically covers most costs related to this care; however, details may differ depending on which plan one chooses. This article answers the question “How long will Medicare cover […]

What Is Home Health Care?

Home health care refers to the provision of skilled medical services at the patient’s place of residence (home, adult foster home, assisted living facility or memory care unit). Services offered can include nurses, therapists and unlicensed support staff providing various forms of treatment at home for illness, injury or surgery and chronic medical conditions that […]