Did Anyone Win the Mega Millions Lottery Game?

did anyone win the mega millions lottery game

Over 13 years since Mega Millions first began, 241 jackpot winners from 241 individual tickets have claimed their share. Since its launch, 31 jackpots of $300 Million or greater and five prizes of $1 Billion or greater have been won since its introduction. Mega Millions drawings take place every Tuesday and Friday evening at 11 p.m. ET with ticket sales closing one hour prior to each drawing; minimum jackpot is $20 Million per drawing with up to 10 tickets permitted per purchase per drawing.

Mega Millions requires players to match all six numbers for the top prize, costing $2 per ticket and offering additional chances at second-tier prizes with its Megaplier option (doubling prize amounts if winning combination repeats in subsequent drawings). Furthermore, its website enables players to check past drawings for possible winning combinations or tickets which might contain them.

As of October 27, the current Mega Millions jackpot stands at an eye-watering $1.354 billion – one of the highest jackpots ever won on any lottery worldwide! A winner may choose either an annuity paid out over 30 years, or as a lump sum payment; state income tax rules may impact how they receive their prize and should always consult their tax advisor when making such decisions.

Mega Millions offers several smaller prizes in addition to its grand jackpot, such as matching five numbers or just the Mega Ball. A second-tier prize of up to $5 million may also be won if tickets include the Megaplier option – available in most states – though two winners were located in smaller lottery states like North Dakota and Wyoming while four others won them with Megaplier support. During 2017, there were eight Mega Millions winners of second-tier prizes; two came from these smaller states while four others took place in states offering this feature.

Mega Millions lottery is available in 45 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. Virgin Islands and any winnings from it may be subject to federal taxes, while some states impose their own state/local lottery winnings taxes; Florida requires winners pay approximately 40% of their prize in taxes upon receiving it.

Mega Millions’ most recent prize winner was an anonymous individual in Simpsonville, South Carolina who decided to collect it through a limited liability company and receive its full value as a lump sum payment of $877,784,124 – marking Mega Millions’ fifth biggest jackpot ever and eighth time it rolled over over $1 billion! He or she will have up to one year from purchase date to claim their prize and should consult financial advisers regarding strategies for investing hundreds of millions of dollars and security concerns associated with being unbelievably wealthy.

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