How to Win at Video Poker

how to win at video poker machines

Video poker is all about making decisions, and winning requires making smart choices while honing your skills. Though you cannot directly influence each hand’s outcome, there are strategies you can employ to increase your odds of victory. This article covers everything from understanding the game itself to choosing an effective approach – everything necessary for winning at video poker lies within these pages!

When it comes to online casino video poker sites, the best ones provide full pay tables that outline expected return percentages for every machine. Knowing these figures beforehand will enable you to select the machine with the highest odds for each hand you wish to make and maximize profitability – one of the key ways of beating video poker!

Jacks or Better video poker strategy generally suggests holding on to pairs composed of four cards whenever possible; if four to a Straight or Flush appear however, then breaking pairs to chase larger payouts may be wiser. You could even attempt holding three cards for a Royal flush but do remember this will decrease average return and should be avoided as much as possible.

Avoid falling into the common pitfall of holding onto a kicker in an attempt to form either a Straight or Flush hand, as this mistake will cost money and much more than simply breaking your pair.

Video poker typically provides a higher payback rate than slot machines, though the difference may not be significant. In order to achieve maximum returns with video poker games, hitting several royal flushes or high pairs with top paying hands should help maximize returns and achieve optimal performance.

Learning video poker’s rules, payouts and hand rankings isn’t enough; you should also know how to utilize a video poker strategy chart. These charts will outline which cards to keep based on the initial hand that was dealt to you. In addition, always check the pay tables of each machine you play on, as different machines offer differing payouts which could affect your long term odds of success. Keep your eyes peeled for royal flushes that pay at least five credits for one bet or 800 for 1, as this could significantly increase your odds – though don’t expect an instantaneous jackpot win if it does come your way!

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