Things You Should Know Before Playing Dragon Link Slot Machine

how to play dragon link slot machine

If you love Asian-themed slot games, Aristocrat’s Dragon Link series likely comes to mind. Offering various bonuses and jackpots – even life-changing grand payouts! – these slot machines provide plenty of excitement. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before engaging with it.

Market research should be the starting point. This will allow you to understand who your target audience is, their needs and how you can make an impactful difference for them. To ensure the success of your slot game, focus on new trends and technologies; that way you can create an appealing platform that draws players in.

Next, create a wireframe and prototype of your online dragon link slot machine software. This step is essential as it gives an idea of how the slot will look statically as well as function. After these steps are completed, the next step should be developing the final version of your slot machine, taking some time but ultimately yielding fruitful results for your dragon link golden century slot game.

Dragon Link is a collection of four slot machines that share a progressive jackpot, each equipped with the infamous Hold and Spin feature and four jackpots; these jackpots are powered by small percentages from every bet placed on each machine, enabling their jackpots to grow much larger than they typically would on standalone machines.

Apart from the progressive Grand jackpot, four other jackpots can also be won on any Dragon Link game: Mini, Minor, Major and Grand jackpots. To unlock them all simultaneously: the Grand jackpot must be achieved when all 15 spaces on each reel have been filled by gold symbols; these may appear anywhere across them without necessarily needing to line up consecutively for trigger.

At most machines, higher denominations tend to pay out more on flushes and full houses while paying less on high-low hands; in video poker this phenomenon is known as “true odds.” With Dragon Link slots this phenomenon applies as well, though their high denomination payouts actually provide more on both low and high bets!

Dragon Link slots differ from most Aristocrat slots in that they do not accept casino bonus funds when played at physical locations; online bonuses cannot be accessed. While this would have been desirable, other methods exist for getting free casino money and experiencing this game.